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Course: Health Informatics
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Course Content

Topic outline

  • General

    History of Health Informatics

    Medical informatics, as a discipline, has to do with all aspects of understanding and promoting the effective organization, analysis, management, and use of information in health care.

    Development of Medical informatics started in the fifties of 20th century, first in USA, later in Europe and developed Eastern countries. Development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) was very important for development of Health and Medical informatics in all scientific biomedical fields.

    This led to the development of methodologies that are the characteristics of the new science. The medical aspects of the methodologies which they consider necessary for the creation of the medical informatics as scientific discipline are as follows: 

    • ·         Tests evaluation data collecting method;
    • ·         Analysis of data informational contents;
    • ·         Analysis and formal treatment of medical opinion and actions;
    • ·         Evaluation of usefulness of medical decisions and actions;
    • ·         Regulation of the theoretic concept of causative interrelation between the objects and processes;
    • ·         System analysis in health care: modeling and simulations.

    By connecting medical science and disciplines with technologies, this contributed to the adequate use of medical knowledge basis and providing better health protection.

    The development of contemporary medical documentation was followed by advancement of data method processing. The beginning of the medical informatics connect for the fifties years of 20th century, in which is fertilized the appearances of the first commercial electronic computers and their application in the field of medicine. Since those years and till today the informatics age has strongly splashed the medicine.

    Electronic Health Solutions – “EHS”

    EHS introduced the real benefit of Health Informatics; the healthcare sector lacked the use of technology from management point of view, where EHS provides automated solutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of Jordanian public healthcare services.

    EHS is driving the future of electronic health in Jordan through implementing its four programs;

    1.Hakeem: Launched under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, Hakeem is EHS’s flagship program and the national program to automate the public healthcare sector in Jordan, the program aims to facilitate efficient, high-quality healthcare in the Kingdom through the nationwide implementation of an Electronic Health Record solution (EHR). In effect, physicians, pharmacists, medical technologists and other clinicians are able to electronically access medical records of patients within participating health facilities in Jordan simply by entering the patient’s national ID number.

    The types of electronic medical information clinicians may access include, but are not limited to, the following: Comprehensive medical and surgical history, physical examinations, procedural and surgical reports, current medications, allergies as well as in-patient and out-patient clinic visit notes. In addition, it will provide online access to lab results, digital radiological exams, electrocardiograms (ECGs), endoscopic biopsies, eye exams, and videos of echocardiograms and angiograms.

    2.Electronic Library of Medicine “ELM”: in 2013, EHS launched its second launched program and the first national platform of its kind to provide FREE online medical resources. The ELM portal features a vast number of paid and open access e-Journals, clinical decision support tools and links to top medical websites, as well as other medical resources, which require costly annual subscriptions and are provided to the ELM portal users for free.

    3. Hakeem Academy: Established in 2013 and launched in 2015, Hakeem Academy is the human capital development and educational arm of Electronic Health Solutions (EHS). It aims to develop healthcare professionals (in both the public and private sectors), university students and EHS employees in the field of health informatics.

    4.Health Data Analytics “HDA: Launched in 2019 under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, “HDA” was developed and established by EHS to support and empower both researchers and decision-makers in the health sector in Jordan, by facilitating the process of extracting reliable information in an integrated and comprehensive manner through offering artificial and technical solutions, and data mining tools, as well as implementing analytical solutions for better decisions.


    Health Informatics and Education in Jordan

    Health informatics is of growing importance in efforts to improve health outcomes across the globe, involving many components of health systems, and it aims to realize the potential benefits of ICT to healthcare.

    Many universities across the kingdom either integrated Health Informatics within an existing course or amended their curricula and created a totally new course in Health Informatics or other specialized informatics under health.

    Hakeem Academy; the educational arm of EHS is aiming to Lead Health Informatics education in Jordan for better healthcare outcomes..


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