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Established in 2013 and launched in 2015, Hakeem Academy is the human capital development and Educational arm of Electronic Health Solutions (EHS). It aims to develop healthcare professionals (in both the public and private sectors), and build capacity of university students in the fields of health informatics and information technology to bridge the gap between academia and the market.


To Lead Health Informatics education in Jordan for better healthcare outcomes.

Mission statement

Educate public health sector employees on how to use Hakeem program packages and applications, enforce the role of health informatics in enhancing the medical sector in Jordan and provide university graduates from medical faculties with the skills necessary to work on health informatics platforms in the public/private sectors locally and regionally.

Hakeem Academy pillars:

Capacity Building

As EHS being the pioneer in the field of Health informatics in Jordan, Hakeem Academy benefits from the knowledge and expertise of the company to provide training courses in the field of Health IT, electronic health records & Hakeem program packages and applications for students, healthcare professionals to raise awareness in the field of Health Informatics and its importance in enhancing the Health sector in Jordan.

Hakeem Academy has collaborated with different entities such as Universities and Health Facilities to enforce the role of Health Informatics, exchanging expertise as well as providing university graduates with the skills necessary to work on healthcare platforms locally and regionally.

Creativity and Innovation

As part of Hakeem Academy’s role of building capacity in human resources, it launched an annual competition, “The Hakeem Academy Annual Competition (HAAC)” to promote competitiveness and encourage creativity and innovation. The competition gives individuals from all over the kingdom the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and open their horizon to Entrepreneurship.

Knowledge Management

Hakeem Academy supervises creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information within EHS to achieve the company’s objective.