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  • Quick tips: proning in critical care


    This short video module will guide you through proning intubated patients in critical care, with an overview of the indications and contraindications to proning, checklists for the procedure (including pre- and post-procedure checks), and a practical demonstration of the “Cornish pasty” proning technique.

    Who is this course for?

    Hospital doctors

    Foundation doctors

    Emergency medicine practitioners

    What will you learn?

    After completing this module you should know:

    • The role of proning in management of severe respiratory failure in patients in critical care
    • The important indications and contraindications to proning a patient in critical care
    • How to use checklists to help with the proning procedure, including pre- and post-procedure checks, and a “timeout” to perform immediately before the procedure
    • How to prone a patient safely using the “Cornish pasty” technique.