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  • Guideline focus: COVID-19 rapid guideline on critical care (NICE)


    This module takes you through the NICE coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rapid guideline: critical care in adults, providing resources to support their recommendations and patient scenarios to demonstrate key learning points.

    Who is this course for?


    GP trainees

    Hospital doctors

    What will you learn?

    After completing this module you should understand:

    • Actions to take when admitting patients to hospital with possible coronavirus disease 2019
    • Which groups of patients to consider for admission to critical care
    • When to start, review, and stop critical care treatment
    • Key principles for clinical decision making around critical care treatment
    • Key aspects of service organisation which may help manage the critical care workload within your hospital, including provision of telephone advice, coordination of resources within and between hospitals, and the role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) services.